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I started training with Sarah after I had my third baby. I wanted to regain some body confidence and improve my fitness levels to keep up with the daily demands of 3 young kids! Sarah has helped me find a love of fitness I didn’t know I had. When I have moments of doubt Sarah motivates me not to give up and cheers me on through the tough bits (literally). She personalises each of our sessions in order to focus on the goals we set, she builds the challenges each week and I leave our sessions feeling energised and wanting more! Sarah really understands my goals as well as my busy schedule and sets out a weekly training plan to fit in with my week and to focus on the things I enjoy so exercise never becomes a chore I resent. Sarah is inspiring and motivating - in the time I’ve been training with her, not only has my fitness improved but my whole outlook and confidence has shifted I will never look back!

Emma - Zoom PT Client

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–Sarah Falvey is a professional, motivating and wonderful person to train with. She is engaging and interested and regularly introduces new workouts. I think she's the best there is!

Claire - Boot Camp & Dumbbell Cardio Classes

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Sarah has completely changed my attitude to exercise! I started personal training to lose weight before a big birthday but not only did I lose weight, but felt amazing, and transformed my body- I'm fitter, stronger with better habits and a new wardrobe! I didn't want someone shouting at me to work harder, so Sarah has been great- she is encouraging, motivating and brilliant at modifying the work out to my needs. I can't recommend her enough!

Jo - Zoom PT Client

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Sarah has helped me transform my life, from a fitness level and mental health perspective. Her personal training and classes find a perfect balance of cardio and strength and always keeps my mind and body guessing and challenged. I’d recommend any of Sarah’s classes and the Personal Training to anyone of any fitness level.

Rob - PT Client & HiiT Classes

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Sarah’s classes are excellent. I do a range of classes including Yoga, HiiT and circuits. I find them motivating and fun. I feel much stronger since I started doing the classes and more inclined to continue to work on my fitness between the sessions. Sarah is very aware of my strengths as well as areas I want to work on so even the group classes feel bespoke.

Rebecca - Yoga, HiiT & Circuit Classes

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Before Sarah started training me I was exercising at least 5 times a week, both resistance and cardio work, but seeing no real change in my fitness, muscle tone or weight which was becoming increasingly frustrating. From the first week of working with Sarah she provided me with targeted plans based on my fitness goals and, importantly, advice on food I should be eating or avoiding. I started to see the results within a week and I have continued to do so as the weeks have progressed. This has made my attitude to fitness change so much, it’s gone from being something I reluctantly do because I feel I should to something I look forward to and feel so satisfied by. It has also had a big affect on my self-confidence and how I feel about myself physically. I think one of the most impressive parts of Sarah’s training is her ability to personalise the plans based on how I react and perform each week. If I clearly don’t enjoy an exercise, or particularly struggle with it, she will have adapted the session next time to take that into account which makes each week increasingly enjoyable. She is always positive, encouraging and has a smile which is infectious.

Andrew - PT Client

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I've been involved in sport most of my life in one form or another and couldn't imagine life without it.
Since having my 3 children, I returned to running and fitness with the objective of being able to achieve my previous fitness level.  I'm proud of how I've done but I wanted to increase my overall strength, conditioning and stamina and that's where Sarah has been the biggest help and support and I've not felt this strong and motivated in a long while.
With such professionalism, dedication and commitment, Sarah has helped me so much and given me the confidence to know I can improve myself and get to where I want to be.
The training is hard but you feel so good afterwards that you look forward to getting back to it the following week and once you see results of your hard work paying off you can't wait to get back to it.
I love the layout of the sessions as it covers all muscle groups and there's always alternative moves to accommodate your strengths and weaknesses. 
I couldn't recommend Sarah enough. If you have a goal to achieve whether it be big or small she can guide you to achieving it.

Philippa - PT Client

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Sarah is an exceptional PT, her knowledge of the body and fitness means that each session is varied and tailored specifically to you and the areas you want to focus on.  She is incredibly motivating and encouraging throughout each session but don’t be fooled by that sweet demeanour – Sarah will work you to your limit… exactly what you would want from a PT!

Vicki - PT Client

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Sarah is always positive and upbeat and tunes into the needs of her client or class members.  She prepares her PT or HiiT sessions with a good variety of exercises that keep you moving and not noticing the time slip away!  Sarah knows how to push you to your limits so that your body’s strength is constantly progressing.  She is passionate and knowledgeable about the latest techniques that really work. What makes her fantastic at her job, is her ability to adapt and constantly think on her feet to ensure an individual session meets the need of the client and helps achieve the desired result.  I’ve had an injury and Sarah has been able to adapt our sessions to find alternatives that still allow me to achieve a high impact workout in a low impact way.

Sam - PT & HiiT Client

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