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A little bit about me

I absolutely love all things fitness and am so excited that my job allows me to share that passion with other people and to help them build a similar lifelong relationship with health and fitness. I believe that health and fitness is so much more than the 'workout sessions' you complete in a week, it's a way of life.  Have you ever watched a child for thirty minutes? Our seven year old is incapable of watching television without cartwheeling on a sofa, hanging from the coffee table or balancing on a footstool.  I'm not suggesting that we should all start watching TV upside down but we can definitely learn a lot from children.  They move so freely with their bodies and just think how many calories they must burn, no wonder "I'm hungry" is a frequent statement in our house.  This everyday exercise is a big part of my life whether it's walking to do the school run, taking our dog for a walk, doing my work stood up, bounding up the stairs, or dancing with the kids... anything to break up the sedentary moments in life but let's not forget rest...  Rest is as important as that sweaty HiiT session, it's when our body can make the adaptations that we're working so hard to achieve.  I always give myself two rest days a week.

I deliberated over what you might like to know about me and decided that the best thing I could do would be to answer the three questions that I get asked most often...

"What do you do to workout?"​

A little of everything and quite a lot of what I love! 

I love to run, it's a great full body aerobic workout and brilliant for headspace.  I try to get at least four runs in a week, these vary in distance and speed.  I also try to do three resistance training sessions a week which always end with a good ab blasting; I try to incorporate some pilates into my week; and I love yoga, sometimes this is a sweaty detox session and sometimes it's a restorative yin session, I try to listen to my body and be kind in my choices.  I also love paddle boarding, especially in the sunshine.  By doing things that I love it doesn't feel like a chore and it is much easier to motivate myself to get up early for a sunrise run or lift some weights whilst we watch TV in the evening. 

"What do you eat?"​

A little of everything and quite a lot of what I love!

I try to eat a balanced diet that is high in fresh produce and low in processed foods.  I find that sugar gives me a high followed by a crash and so I avoid it, opting for unrefined sugar like coconut sugar and agave syrup when I do use it in things like oatbars or pancakes.  Carbohydrates get such bad press but they're a really important source of energy, particularly when doing resistance training.  The key is choosing the right ones and the right times to eat them.  I always opt for wholegrain versions and avoid starchy carbohydrates on days when I haven't worked out.

What's my weakness? Tortilla chips and homemade guacamole!  

I also love a glass of wine...or beer... or prosecco with family and friends.

Where are your leggings from?

Now that one's a secret... you'll have to book a session to find out the answer!

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